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"In The Spirit of South Mountain" Award Given to Middlesex Township

Denise Jumper, representing Middlesex Township
This award goes to Middlesex Township. We applaud your efforts and tremendous partnering spirit!

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail cuts across the Cumberland Valley, running through some of the most populated and developed portions of the extent of the 2,180 mile Trail. The Trail is the Cumberland Valley is extremely used and loved, but it is not always obvious how you can access the Trail. In 2011 the Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club pondered how they might develop a better access point on Trindle Road as an all volunteer organization.

CVATC contacted Middlesex to obtain their consent and endorsement of their plan to build a parking lot at the junction of the Appalachian Trail and Trindle Road (PA Route 641), between Mechanicsburg and Carlisle. To their surprise, they have gone much further. They have provided significant in-kind services to actually construct the parking lot.

Middlesex has used their workers and equipment to perform the initial excavation and construction work at the site, including hauling stone and gravel from the quarry and installing it. CVATC estimate the value of their in-kind services at almost $6,000, with more to come.

Their cooperation has helped to promote and develop recreation and tourism opportunities in the Cumberland Valley. Trindle Road is one of the busiest highways in the Valley. It has long needed a formal parking lot at the A.T. junction. CVATC estimates that hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists use the AT in the Valley each year.